True Detective: S1-E6 - Haunted Houses (2014)

True Detective: S1-E6 - Haunted Houses (2014) True Detective: S1-E6 - Haunted Houses (2014)
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In 2002, Cohle links a series of missing persons to Tuttle-funded schools. A former pastor in Tuttle's ministries claims Tuttle covered up child molestation. Ledoux's surviving victim, now institutionalized with regressive catatonia, tells Cohle about a third attacker—a giant man with scars—and begins screaming when Cohle asks her about the man's face. Tuttle complains to the police department following a tense meeting with Cohle, who has been warned to cease his investigation and is suspended from duty. While shopping at a local T-Mobile branch, Hart is recognized by store employee Beth, who happens to be the former underage prostitute who had kept Dora Lange's diary in The Ranch back in 1995. They start an affair soon after. After Maggie discovers the new affair, she tempts a drunk Cohle and has sex with him. After she tells Hart about it, he and Cohle fight in the police station parking lot. Cohle quits the police force immediately after the fight.

In 2012, Papania and Gilbough interview Maggie, who deflects their questions. Hart walks out of his interview in response to Papania and Gilbough's accusations against Cohle. Cohle seeks out Hart and they agree to meet and talk.