True Detective: S1-E3 - The Locked Room (2014)

True Detective: S1-E3 - The Locked Room (2014) True Detective: S1-E3 - The Locked Room (2014)
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1995. Hart and Cohle, after speaking with pastor Joel Theriot, learn that Lange was sometimes seen at church with a tall man with distinctive facial scarring. Their investigation continues in the face of pressure to turn the case over to Tuttle's new task force. Hart enters a jealous rage when he discovers his mistress Lisa with another man. While researching old investigations, Cohle identifies symbols similar to the Lange case in the death of Rianne Olivier, which was classified as accidental. Hart and Cohle visit Light of the Way Academy, a religious school run by Tuttle that Olivier attended, but find it abandoned save for a groundskeeper on a riding lawnmower, whom Cohle questions. They discover that Olivier's boyfriend, Reggie Ledoux is an ex-con who was a cellmate of Dora Lange's ex-husband, Charlie, and has since skipped parole. The detectives put out an APB on Reggie Ledoux.

2012. The interviews continue, revealing Hart's questionable moral views and Cohle's nihilistic views of humanity.