True Detective: S2-E8 - Omega Station (2014)

True Detective: S2-E8 - Omega Station (2014) True Detective: S2-E8 - Omega Station (2014)
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Semyon finds Chessani dead in his home. Velcoro and Bezzerides recount their respective formative traumas, his being killing who he thought was Gena's rapist and hers being kidnapped as a child by the man she hallucinated. They realize that Laura's brother Lenny worked on the set the car that transported Caspere was stolen from, and bust into Laura's house to find her restrained, along with Lenny's crow mask. She explains that Lenny accidentally killed Caspere while torturing him for information, and that he has set a meeting with Holloway. Velcoro intercepts Lenny and convinces him to record Holloway confessing to his corruption, but he loses his cool when Holloway reveals that Laura was Caspere's daughter, getting them both killed by Holloway's backup. To get enough money so they can all escape to Venezuela, Velcoro and Semyon kill everyone at Agronov and McCandless' meeting and take their money. As Bezzerides finds Pitlor dead, Velcoro observes Chad at school, carrying the badge. He returns to his car to find it fitted with a transponder, and chooses to drive into the woods rather than risk Bezzerides' life. He attempts to send a final message to Chad before he is killed by Burris, but his phone's poor signal prevents it from going through. The cartel takes Semyon out to the desert and stab him for violating their deal by destroying his casino. He attempts to walk back to civilization but bleeds to death. Some time later, Velcoro is blamed for Davis and Woodrugh's murders, Gena gets a paternity test that confirms him as Chad's father, Tony becomes mayor, Woodrugh has a highway built in his honor, and Bezzerides lives in Venezuela with her and Velcoro's son, as well as Jordan. They meet with a journalist Velcoro previously attacked for Semyon and give him files that expose the corruption in Vinci.