True Detective: S2-E2 - Night Finds You (2014)

True Detective: S2-E2 - Night Finds You (2014) True Detective: S2-E2 - Night Finds You (2014)
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Velcoro, detective Teague Dixon, and Ventura County detective Antigone "Ani" Bezzerides are tasked with finding Caspere's killer, while Woodrugh joins them in hopes that helping will speed his misconduct investigation along. Velcoro's ex-wife Gena Brune learns that he attacked his son Chad's bully's father, and demands full custody. She threatens to get a paternity test, Chad being a possible product of rape and Velcoro being fearful of finding out who the real father is. Emily leaves Woodrugh after he continually refuses to discuss his past. Semyon learns that the money Caspere used in the rail deal was embezzled, losing Semyon most of his money. He learns from a prostitute that Caspere had a house where he would take women to have sex, and he passes this information to Velcoro. Velcoro finds Caspere's blood in the house and a camera recording the living room, but is shot in the chest with rubber bullets by a crow-masked assailant before he can investigate further.