Ukraine: Crumbling under Putin's Military - Col. MacGregor

Ukraine: Crumbling under Putin's Military - Col. MacGregor Ukraine: Crumbling under Putin's Military - Col. MacGregor
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Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner for update on the Ukraine-Russia war. Is the war in Ukraine about to hit a turning point because I am starting to see groups like the Washington post and the New York Times finally tell the truth about the strength and condition of Ukraine’s army and the number of casualties they have suffered? Why do you say that Bakhmut has been like a meat grinder? And is it time for Ukraine to fall back, regroup, give themselves a couple days to build up ammunition, and then dig in and try and hold the line again? Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina says it’s time for the United States to get serious and show Russia who is the boss. He said the US military should start shooting down Russian war planes over international water. Is this a smart move and was following Senator Graham‘s advice policy into war with Russia? Lloyd Austin says Russia is preparing for massive attacks in the spring when the mud dries out and that the United States and NATO need to rush weapons to Ukraine so that they can keep beating back Putin the Russian army. What are your thoughts on his comments?

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Timestamps: 0:30 NYT and Washington Post finally being honest about Ukraine war
4:50 Why did Russia take out our $32 million Reaper Drone over Black Sea
8:10 Senator Lindsay Graham is an idiot that will get US into direct war
9:50 Lloyd Austin says US must rush more weapons to Ukraine so they can beat Putin
13:30 Bakhmut is a meat grinder and will go down in history as a tragic war Ukraine lost
20:00 Germany is falling because of cheap energy being cut off and Biden is to blame
22:00 Will Europe will hold Biden accountable for Nord Stream
27:00 Ukraine is becoming a humanitarian crisis and the US should seek peace
29:00 China is filling the vacuum of being a peacemaker
31:30 The world needs the US and Chinese to be at peace to keep the global economy healthy

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